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Strategic Alpha Ltd (S.A.L) prides itself on offering its clients a product that carries all the elements needed for making strategic decisions in the market place. Daily reports focussing generally on the FX markets are developed by analysing many different asset classes, news, economics and market intelligence. Enhancing the global macro themes around the world S.A.L combines fundamental analysis with a strong technical awareness with over 30 years of experience behind it. Often clients will receive daily updates throughout the trading session that may highlight short-term trading opportunities or a change in fundamental sentiment.  With a massive diversity of clients, the ideas are specific but the risk limits are general as all have different risk appetites.

The product, whilst targeted generally at Banks and hedge funds is also a very useful tool for the “Real Money” accounts such as Asset managers, Pension funds and currency overlay firms.

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The services provided by Strategic Alpha Limited to its formidable customer base are predominantly Foreign Exchange focused trading ideas and strategy. This however is not an advisory service and constitutes the opinions and ideas of the firm only. The targeted clients are of a professional nature and particularly for those who take substantial risk in the FX markets and the company are not in a position to have non-institutional subscribers.

With years of experience behind the
team from all asset classes, they understand
the linkages between the different markets
and the influence they have.

The awareness of this connectivity coupled with a strong understanding of risk taking and economics has produced a rare brand that has developed a strong following from the professional risk taking community.

Strategic Alpha Limited speaks and understands the language of the risk taker and works tirelessly to highlight the opportunities within the market place.

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