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For thirty years Maurice has been involved as a trader in different aspects of the financial industry covering a broad spectrum of asset classes; but it is his trading strategy that has brought him to the attention of some of the biggest position takers in the financial world.

Starting in the Commodity markets he then moved into trading precious metals before entering into the Foreign Exchange, Interest rate futures and option markets in the mid-eighties. The experience attained from this background has helped him guide his clientele through one of the most testing financial storms seen in living memory and has attracted a great number of followers in the risk taking world and trading houses around the globe.

With experience in proprietary trading at UBS and Dresdner bank in the past, he is fully aware of the trading pressures and risk assessments required by risk managers. This understanding has secured him a regular place in the financial press and is a regular pundit on financial television as an expert in his field.

Maurice takes his recent experience of being Global head of Foreign Exchange at IDEAGlobal and the association with a large group of economists to develop a methodology unique to his firm. Economics, mixed with technical analysis skill sets and a broad network of information from within the market place produces strategy. He delivers a dissemination of economic facts, political issues and trading intuition that is paramount for a strong and committed trading view.

The understanding he has with his customers is highlighted by the last three words of his reports which urges them to “Keep the Faith” and believe in the strategy.


With years of experience behind the
team from all asset classes, they understand
the linkages between the different markets
and the influence they have.

The awareness of this connectivity coupled with a strong understanding of risk taking and economics has produced a rare brand that has developed a strong following from the professional risk taking community.

Strategic Alpha Limited speaks and understands the language of the risk taker and works tirelessly to highlight the opportunities within the market place.

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